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This weekend was a bit of a curate’s egg really. We brought in a physical trainer to work with the club members on stretching and warming up, and it went quite well; … Read the rest

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

A trying day yesterday. Work dragged on for an hour and a half longer than usual. Was seriously pondering whether it was worth it to go training at all. But, Bisley’… Read the rest

Batch testing and new exercises

A light evening yesterday. Strapped the air rifle into a rather wobbly benchrest and did some very rudimentary batch testing. I say rudimentary as there was only three … Read the rest

NTSA 10m Airgun match

FP set up for match

Went to the NTSA 10m Airgun match this sunday. Wasn’t expecting much, in fact I was mostly there to get the DURC Squad and gear to and from the range, but shot the mat… Read the rest

Licence granted!

Huzzah! Applied for my air pistol licence on Dec30, and just got the call now from the local garda station that it’s been granted and is ready for pickup. One day sh… Read the rest

Why lunch should be interrupted…

So last night indicated why weight control is important for this game. Shot five shot groups with all the buttons of the jacket open, button 3 open, button 4 open and both … Read the rest

Progressing nicely…

The DURC squad training on Monday night was rather gratifying. It’s always nice to see progress being made, but when it’s made so rapidly after you change… Read the rest

Lunch, interrupted.

Only ten minutes of training today, alas. Darn work, always with the stealing of the time. Anyway, live range time tonight in WTSC and I’m about ready to document… Read the rest

Lunchtime again

So 20 minutes today just working on the initial mounting of the rifle. Another day or two and I’ll be ready to document it fully for the training diary – that… Read the rest

WTSC 12-hr Shootathon

An interesting event on Sunday – the first 12hr Shootathon. The idea was to run an event to raise funds for the Bisley trip next month, so we ran an endurance shoot o… Read the rest

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