Lunch, interrupted.

Only ten minutes of training today, alas. Darn work, always with the stealing of the time. Anyway, live range time tonight in WTSC and I’m about ready to document that shot plan.

In other news, found a neat site called which allows you to keep a graph online of a lot of different kinds of things. Set up initially for weight tracking, obviously enough. Useful little idea, last time I tracked my weight over time, it involved using gnumeric and havign to manually generate the graph every so often:

Whereas now I can fill it in online and it’s generated daily automatically for me:

So, I’ve made it a part of the site’s template, over on the right. Right now it’s at 250lb, which is obviously far too high. It ought to be at most 220lb. 30lb to lose. Again. *sigh*
I hate loving food, you know?

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