My current training plan

This is my mid-to-long-term training plan. It’s liable to change as training and competition progresses, though I’ll try to blog major changes and evaluations as they happen 🙂

  • Get physical fitness under control by Autumn (meaning weight down to the 220-240lb region and general aerobic fitness and flexibilty improved upon)
  • Drop out of rifle shooting (or even all shooting) for a 3-6 month period after Biscuit is born (because 4am feedings and competitive target shooting at the international level don’t mix too well)
  • Buy New Equipment (new jacket, new trousers, new boots, new rifle – but wait until after the new ISSF rules are announced)
  • Resume training and competing in rifle matches domestically; get back up past the MQS level (by October/November)
  • Shoot in RIAC 2012 (December in Luxembourg)
  • Hit Tier 2 selection score (577) to qualify for the 2013 European championships (either in RIAC or in domestic matches)
  • Shoot in Intershoot 2013 (January 31-February 2 in the Hague)
  • Shoot in the 2013 European 10m Airgun Championships (February 25-March 3 in Denmark)
  • Hit Tier 1 selection score (583) to qualify for the World Cup series of matches (either in Intershoot or in domestic matches)
  • Shoot in an ISSF World Cup (2013 dates not yet released by ISSF)

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