This weekend was a bit of a curate’s egg really. We brought in a physical trainer to work with the club members on stretching and warming up, and it went quite well; and then we had a club meeting to talk about training levels and targets and that kind of thing. It was good to talk about stuff beyond Bisley, but rather scary in a way. The World Championships and World Cups were mentioned, but I don’t feel ready for the World Championships and I’ll need to sit down with a calendar and work out what the next big goal after Bisley will be.

The actual shooting, by contrast, sucked. I did find another step and another check in my shot plan, namely getting the rifle far enough forward on the stand that the right arm would (if straight) be pointed right down the firing line when it contacts the buttplate; and getting it close enough to me that I don’t have to bring it several inches over to put it on target. But the actual shooting was awful. Maybe I was too tired, or maybe it was just an off day, but I couldn’t stop the fliers at all. I’m taking today off from training to get some rest and back at it tomorrow lunchtime and back to the range on Wednesday.

There’s NTSA squad training on this weekend, but I’m in two minds as to whether I should go to it or not. Apart from stuff covered on boards.ie in the past, the whole idea of going to a second coach a week before a major match is just downright daft; yet don’t go, and I couldn’t plan to go to any other international matches. See, this is why politics in Irish sports administration is so damaging.

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