Licence granted!

Huzzah! Applied for my air pistol licence on Dec30, and just got the call now from the local garda station that it’s been granted and is ready for pickup. One day shy of three weeks, with new year’s in the middle of it – not bad at all guys! So, in the next little while, I’ll be going plinking with one of these on the 10m range: IZH-46M

It’s an IZH-46M, a russian-made air pistol that was designed for use in olympic air pistol shooting. Single shot, manually charged with that lever at the bottom:

And it shoots the same pellets as my air rifle (though much more slowly – you can actually watch the pellet going downrange when you pull the trigger). It’s not going to take the place of air rifle for me – I enjoy that too much – but it’s going to make for a fun plinker, and there’s a nice degree of challange in there too when I want to take it up seriously. And at Γ’β€šΒ¬250, it’s a quarter the cost of the modern german air pistols like the P40.

All told, a nice package, and I’m going to have a lot of fun with it πŸ™‚

edit:Apologies to those who saw the photo above before I found some nice chap had swapped the photo at the far end of the link for a rather graphic photo of a bad ankle injury.

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