Batch testing and new exercises

A light evening yesterday. Strapped the air rifle into a rather wobbly benchrest and did some very rudimentary batch testing. I say rudimentary as there was only three types of pellet to choose from and the bench rest wobbled unless you held it down.

Batch Test setup

Matt says he’ll bring along a proper bench vise and we’ll bolt it to the table next time, but for now the results are interesting. Can’t distinguish between sizes, but definitely between brands – Finale Match is just that much better than Match for air pellets. I’ll post the card once I get to a scanner with it.

Then an hour’s shooting, watching for fliers and what caused them, and then Matt introduced some new shooting exercises.

Training target

The idea is to watch your breathing doesn’t take the sights of the rifle off the vertical line. There was also an exercise on looking off the target while holding that I’m going to be practising again tonight. More on that tomorrow.

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