So going through the to-do list from the DURC open, task number one was the cheekpiece. Took it home last night, moved it about a bit, then went to the range with it this evening and tweaked some more.

It’s now canted a bit more than the sights are, so that I get a nice upward ‘V’ shape to put my cheek down onto. I suppose you could get an equivalent by putting a ridge on the top of the cheekpiece and keeping it horizontal when in position, but this way lets me get on with it a bit faster.

I also moved the trigger back about 5mm or so (I tried further but it was bumping into the pistol grip. I’ll bring in the Dremel at some point in the next few days, dremel out a recess in the pistol grip’s flaring bit to make room, and bring it back a little more). It’s not yet spot-on perfect, but it’s a definite improvement.

That’s at the second stage of the trigger, about to fire. The trigger hand doesn’t feel like it’s stretching forward anymore, the cheekpiece weld feels good, like bone on wood, the sight picture is a little fuzzy at the bottom because all the flesh is bulging above the cheekpiece and compressing the eyelids from below, but I’m not sure how you’d fix that, or even if you really need to.

Not a bad few hour’s work, all told.

Still need a new jacket though. No support from that one at all 🙁