The Ultimate Irish Hunting Knife

Personally, I don’t hunt; but not doing a particular task shouldn’t prevent you from appreciating a well-made tool for that task.

There’s been a thread on the Hunting forum over in for a few hundred posts now where Davy Moore, an Irish knifemaker has been creating, with the help of the hunting community on the forum, a knife optimised for field use by Irish hunters. No big scary machetes, no Walter-Mitty-esque “tactical combat cutting system” nonsense, no Giger-inspired wierd shapes, just a practical, designed-for-the-job field knife for hunters, created with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. And the end result has a beauty all its own that isn’t restricted by its focus on functionality, but is instead created by that focus:

Davy’s summing up of the project is here for those who’d like to read it.