WTSC 10m Airgun Open

A quiet little disaster of a match this weekend.

You know, most of the time, you find that matches are pretty okay. One or two people might not show up for various reasons, or might not shoot as well as they’d hoped and their training would have let you to think they would, but this time out, noone did well and half the field didn’t make it. Okay, it’s the first match of the year, but this close to Bisley, you’d think everyone would have been entering two and three times to get as much match time on the range as you could, as a kind of stress test before the championships.


The scores were in the toilet as well. 561 to win? Feck’s sake lads, we were better than this five years ago, let alone last year! 561 shouldn’t be getting you into a finals, let alone winning the match! And 384 for the AR40? C’mon girls, I’ve seen you shoot high 390’s for crying out loud!


Anyway, the upshot of all this is that it’s obvious that we’re not ready for Bisley. Or anything else for that matter. Matt thinks we should pull the match and the following matches and restart our training cycle with the GB Juniors as a goal. I have to say I agree with him. We go over like this, we’d be crucified.

edit:  Two days later, Matt did pull the matches. So onwards to the GB Juniors!

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