WTSC/NTSA Training Seminar

So the first training event of the run to the GB Juniors, and it was a doozey. Tony Ward, a paralympic runner, spoke for the morning session, mostly on what the level of committment was for training at that level. There’s always a price for such training; that’s what we were trying to convey to the shooters, and I think it was heard. It’s a lesson that the old hands have learned the hard way over the years, but perhaps telling the Juniors up front is a better road. After all, we lost more old hands to plinking than I can count because they ran into the demands of high level competition without any forewarning or chance to prepare. That’s about as stressful as it gets.

After lunch, there was a physical fitness session with one of the National Aquatic Centre’s fitness instructors, a chap who knew his stuff forwards and backwards, which was very helpful, even for those of us who don’t get to train these days. A lot of the core strength and the flexibility stuff is precisely the area we need work in, and we got it, along with myself and Geoff suffering through the gym session with all the other shooters!

Six weeks or so, and we’ll be bringing people back for a further fitness evaluation…

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