WTSC Open January 2007

With all the work being done for the NTSA, some stuff is falling through the cracks. For example, there was very little notice for this weekend’s Open in Wilkinstown. Not enough to get the DURC Novice squad out, though they’ll be coming to competitions soon enough. Twenty-plus novices all showing up and shooting, that’ll be something to see (and loads of fun to organise the logistics for 😀 )

Anyway, I’m in the stats office for most of this match. Can’t make the sunday, and I did get to shoot today in Air Pistol, but I’m just plinking right now so I’m not even worried that I didn’t break 500. With all the NTSA and WTSC admin work, not to mention coaching the DURC squad, I have no time at all to train myself, so I’m not even thinking about it. It’s going to be depressing watching them all head off for Bisley in five weeks time, but they’ve been training for months for this.  The team heading over is sorted now and it’s less than last year (only 13 this year), but it may be better for that – without a full management team, 24 is just too many people, especially with the restrictions the law puts on junior athletes 🙁

I also noted today that the Atkins diet and Target Shooting don’t really go well together. Lots of shaking of hands and having to sit down because I had no energy. And not having an isotonic drink didn’t do me many favours either. No, I think the best idea is to lose the weight on the diet and with some exercise, and then go back to technical training afterwards, but keep up the exercise to maintain the weight so it doesn’t become a problem again. And I did find a gym within a few seconds walk from my office, so I might get to use that during lunch when I get to that stage. Nearly €300 to join and €80 a month for membership though. Hmmm. Not this month anyway, especially with the NTSA, NSRA and WTSC memberships all coming up! 😀

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