It's finally here…

Arrived this weekend:

ISSF Judges Licence card, Front

ISSF Judges Licence card, Back

So much trouble went into sorting out the paperwork for this one. I’m Irish and in the NSRA and thus the GBTSF; so after I did the course, the GBTSF put me forward for the ISSF licence (which was their idea!), the licence is approved and announced by ISSF and then someone goes “hang on, he lives in Ireland, doesn’t he?”; and the whole process snarls up after the licence is granted but before the little card arrives in the post. Frankly, how the entire thing was handled was a shambles and I’m quite upset at it. I expected better.

However, it’s here now, so we can get on with taking advantage of it, hopefully, and start into the process of introducing things like formal training courses for range officials and statistics officers, and we can start looking into putting together kits to run competitions and so on. More on this as we get through it.

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