Anschutz Air Rifle Cylinder Recall

At this point, everyone probably knows about this, but just in case, given the damage that a faulty air cylinder could cause (lots. Seriously. Lots) I think it’s worth posting it anyway!
From the Anschutz website:

Some of the delivered aluminum compressed air cylinders may show material defects. We have arranged the most important information for you:Recall information sheetProcedure to empty the air cylinder

Identification of the serial numbers concerned

From the Identification page:

During product observation and quality control measures the J. G. ANSCHÃœTZ GmbH & Co. KG has found out, that a certain production lot may show material defects at the compressed air cylinders of target air rifles.This material defect may lead to a sudden failure of the aluminum air cylinder. The manometer or the filling valve may loosen from the air cylinder. Serious injuries cannot be excluded.For safety reasons a check and – if necessary – exchange by the manufacturer is essential.

The below listed air cylinder series – only until year of manufacture December 2005 – may be concerned:

Air cylinder, silver, length 430 mm: from 012947 to 016846

Air cylinder, red, length 430 mm: from 002444 to 002527

Air cylinder, black, length 430 mm: from 000006 to 000053 

Air cylinder, Junior length 290 mm: from 001632 to 002225

It is not allowed to use the mentioned cartridges anymore without being checked before. They must be safely emptied at once.

Please, send the affected and pressureless cartridges immediately for a check to
Abt. Kartuschenüberprüfung,
Daimlerstraße 12,
89079 Ulm / GERMANY

or to any authorized ANSCHÃœTZ sales partner in your country. Our sales partners are listed on our website.

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