The return to the line

Came back to the range for the first time since Bisley last night out in WTSC. More to check if all was still working than anything else. Took a few shots to settle in, mind, but it’s still there 🙂

Also wanted to try this new piece of kit as picked up in Bisley:
Centra eyepiece mirror

It’s a neat idea, and I first saw it used in smallbore prone shooting by Martin Parnell from the Isle of Man up in Comber for the Comber Open a few years ago, and I’ve wanted to try one ever since. The principle is simple; if your eye alignment isn’t right, you’ll see your eyeball out of place in the mirror. If it is, then you shouldn’t see anything but the target. Thing is, it doesn’t quite work that way for me right now and I don’t know if it’s my rifle setup or not. Right now, if I get a good sight picture, the peephole of the rearsight is clearly visible in the middle of the reflection of my iris in the mirror, with the pupil above it; if I move my eye so that I can’t see the pupil and the peephole is centered where the pupil would be, then the foresight is very low in the rearsight in the sight picture. It’s a confusing little problem!

Nevertheless, planning on using the mirror for the UCD match, so we’ll see how that goes.

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