Far too tired…

Again, late getting to WTSC last night because of work running over. I swear, it’s like they know I’m training for Bisley and are ramping up the workload just to make it interesting 😀

Started by shooting the same exercise I had shot the day before, and the group sizes were pretty good. I was focussing on the position of my right arm during the mounting of the rifle and making sure the rifle was far enough forward to get a flat contact between my arm and the buttplate. This was going well. Problem was that when I went on to start a 40-shot match, it all went sideways. The hold got much worse, I couldn’t stop the fore/aft swaying, it all went to heck. Quite demoralising. Then Matt had me shoot a few shots with one of the new Hammerli AR30s – lovely design of rifle stock those, but the action’s a bit meh. And they’re unbelievably light. The entire rifle weighs not much more than the air cylinder on mine. And with this, I had my hold back, and the shots started going through the same hold again. Problem was that I was too tired and had run out of energy. So, next time, eat a sandwich on the way to WTSC, and try to get more sleep.

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