One of my main concerns in the past was being overweight. Especially in the offhand postiion (ie., standing), every pound you’re overweight is another pound added to the asymettric offset loading on your spine, so less weight is a good thing. Plus, the less weight, the healthier in general and that leads to overall bonuses like a lower pulse and so on. Also, it helps to fit into your shooting jacket!

So I’ve been on the atkins diet for nearly two months now. And I’m having decent results

I started at 247lb and a body fat percentage of about 28% – the borderline of medical obesity. I’m now 53 days into the diet, and on 229.2 lb and 25.3%

So within six weeks I expect to be down to my target range of 200lb to 210lb if this rate of loss holds. I must arrange access to a gym however, to work on cardiovascular fitness and overall muscular tone, as I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since September.

With luck, this should make it possible to improve my scores more easily.

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