Hassles and delays

Not many entries in here at the moment, because this blog was only moved over from my own PC (where I was testing it) a short time ago. And of course, the moment I get that done, I have to go back to thesis writing, and then other things jump at you, with the end result that I haven’t gotten to the gym or the range since last saturday.

Stretching and balance exercises have proven easy enough to do as I go (how hard is it to stand on one foot while you cook, after all?), but actual range time is now fast becoming a precious commodity, both because I don’t have lots of time to get away from the thesis, and because DURC is now open for shooting again and we have 300+ members to run through the two free rifle or three air rifle firing points…

Plus, I can’t dump a whole night every week to RO duty for at least the next month, so I do feel guilty about sneaking in an hour at lunch in DURC. Still though, after ten years, I guess I’ve earned some leeway.

Right, now to transfer the scanned-in training reports from my PC and make up the next few entries…

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