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New toys!

So the stuff I ordered earlier has all arrived, and I can finally stop keeping my bow in a torn cardboard box held together with twine!

Stuff bought from Altservices

So that’s a dozen new arrows (… Read the rest

New archery range in WTSC

One little bit of news from WTSC is that we’ve been given permission to use a neighbouring field to our own for outdoor archery practise. Our current setup can cop… Read the rest

Some days, it all goes right. Twice.

Was shooting at 18m on Sunday. The club arrows are a bit unmatched, and the bow’s untuned, but at least one of the arrows worked well:

Perfect XRead the rest

Dublin Archers scouting trip

So went last night to the Dublin Archers field to see how a “real” archery club does it šŸ˜€ It was interesting and instructive in a few ways. Met up with Suza… Read the rest

Beijing Aftermath

Oh, and to the Irish Times – if you’re going to compare the performance of the Olympic athletes to that of Padraig Harrington, would you do a fuller compari… Read the rest


Next person who says shooting is boring is being forced to watch coverage of the finals from this year. Between an Emmons making the news for all the right reasons at the b… Read the rest

Form videos and why UnderArmour is just mean

Okay, so recurve archery seems to be about doing a set of movements correctly, which means video is far more useful for diagnostics than still images – sort of the … Read the rest

Further Retail Archery

It’s like buying your way to… well, slightly less basic kit so that it looks very obvious that you’re the problem in the system šŸ˜€

Bought a bowscal… Read the rest

Retail Archery

So the archery side of things is continuing to improve.

The new Easton 1816 Jazz arrows Geoff got in give a more consistent grouping, and this weekend’s results w… Read the rest


Okay, so after the Snappy Disaster in May, the air rifle has lain dormant in the safe in DURC while I tried to sort out a replacement part from Anschutz. I’m sorry to … Read the rest

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