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Further Retail Archery

It’s like buying your way to… well, slightly less basic kit so that it looks very obvious that you’re the problem in the system 😀

Bought a bowscales a few days ago and it finally arrived, so I was finally able to get measurements of draw weight; I’d already taken measurements of the nock-rest draw length earlier. 29lbs @ 28″ is what it works out to, +/- a few percent. So with that sorted, there was a flurry of stuff ordered today:

  • A dozen 29.5″ Easton X7 1914 arrow shafts
  • Nibb points, hotglue, Beiter nocks and Kurly Vanes for fun (and their various tapes and such)
  • KAP Magnetic Rest (just a rebadged W&W rest really)
  • Cartel Triple Cushion Pressure Button
  • Cavalier Magnetic Clicker
  • Spigarelli Clicker (for herself)
  • Cartel RX-104 Bow Stand
  • 2 Cartel Arrow Pullers (his’n’hers)
  • Cavalier Finger Sling (for herself)
  • SF Elite Backpack
  • Cartel Sight (also for herself)
  • Cartel T-Guage

And a few new target faces for the club.And I ordered a new tab yesterday. I was looking at the soma saker I and II models, then noticed they had cheaper versions for a third of the price, so I ordered one because the tab I’m using now looks like someone attacked it with curling tongs.

Hopefully, that should be all the kit I get this year. Come spring, a heavier bow might be in order, but I feel… sated, at least for now 🙂

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