Form videos and why UnderArmour is just mean

Okay, so recurve archery seems to be about doing a set of movements correctly, which means video is far more useful for diagnostics than still images – sort of the way that video is more useful for analysis of shot routines and deviations from them. So I got two minutes of video of shooting a few arrows, edited it to lose the colour and sound (to cut down on the size of the file) and uploaded them to youtube to ask Ewan (who’s basicly on the other side of the planet) to see if he could see glaring form errors, and sure enough there are some (lousy followthrough and insufficient elbow work going on). You have to love technology sometimes 🙂

The group from those shots wasn’t bad either:

Even if it was only at about 10m or so.

However, while this is all well and good, UnderArmour is just mean. In shooting, you can be stifling under the canvas jacket, so UnderArmour (or one of it’s clones, or one of the shooting manufacturer’s sport-specific versions of it) is a good thing; but flattering it ain’t. To anyone. But least of all those of us who carry more weight than is right and proper. And since it’s not really very cheap (okay, that top above was €30 which wasn’t horrible, but the clones and sport-specific stuff can run to €200 for a top and leggings, easily) – you’re essentially paying for someone to tell you your ass looks fat.

I mean, I didn’t need to pay to be told that y’know…