New toys!

So the stuff I ordered earlier has all arrived, and I can finally stop keeping my bow in a torn cardboard box held together with twine!

Stuff bought from Altservices

So that’s a dozen new arrows (albiet in kit form, but I’ve borrowed the club’s fletching jig so I should have them all made up by the weekend); a new rest, button and clicker; a t-gauge; a bowstand and arrowpuller; and a new backpack to put them all in.

Cycled from TCD to the flat with the backpack on, so it does work for that, even if the arrowtube blocks visibility slightly. Now to spend tomorrow evening and chunks of saturday putting all this together, then sunday lunchtime most of the Wilkinstown archers will be going to Wilkinstown to let a few pointy sticks fly for an hour or three, and we’ll see if any of this stuff actually works! šŸ™‚