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WTSC 10m Airgun Open

Not a bad match this weekend. Shot air rifle on Saturday, then helped out with setting up for the Sunday, and shot air pistol on the Sunday itself.

The air rifle detail wen… Read the rest

Criminal Justice Bill 2004

I normally try to keep non-training topics out of this blog, but this one’s too damn nasty really. For those that haven’t seen yet what the Criminal Justic… Read the rest

Intervarsities 2006

I haven’t posted anything on the Intervarsities since the match, mainly because of some problems regarding team makeup and scores caused by confusion on the da… Read the rest

Back to smallbore…

Now see, this is when shooting can just be a pleasant passtime for those that normally prefer golf šŸ˜€

A beautiful sunny spring day, a new range a stone’s throw fr… Read the rest

You have to love electronics, you really do…

RIKA system The RIKA home trainer is probably one of the more sophisticated tools we have to use for training in target shooting. The idea behind it’s use is fairly simple. Yo… Read the rest

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