Back to smallbore…

Now see, this is when shooting can just be a pleasant passtime for those that normally prefer golf 😀

A beautiful sunny spring day, a new range a stone’s throw from the beach, a calm breeze if any – the only thing missing was a barbecue 🙂

It was fun to get back to smallbore as well, I’d almost forgotten how relaxing it can be – but I don’t think this will be the year I take it up as seriously as I would air rifle, the budget demands are just too much. Batch-tested RWS ammunition, two new buttplates, more raiser blocks for sights, and a few other odds and ends, and I’d have to find a range I could get to during daylight hours to train for 3P (I’m not sixty yet, I’m not going to train for only belly shooting! 😀 ). I’d love to shoot it again, but until I can afford it, I’d be just wasting time I could spend on air rifle, and it’s far more expensive and akward a pasttime than air pistol.

But still… it’s a nice way to spend a sunny day 🙂

(564 in case anyone’s wondering, about ten points down on my average when I was shooting prone regularly, and I did manage a 192 for the first card, which is a new single-card PB for me, I think).

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