You have to love electronics, you really do…

RIKA system The RIKA home trainer is probably one of the more sophisticated tools we have to use for training in target shooting. The idea behind it’s use is fairly simple. You sling the sensor (the little thing that looks like a torch) under the barrel, you plug all the bits into one another and into the computer, and you aim at the target which is mounted on the transmitter. Fire a few shots to calibrate it, and then every time you fire a shot it shows you precisely where you were pointing for the few seconds before and after you pull the trigger. Additional sensors let you monitor heartbeat and trigger finger pressure (and there’s a second pressure sensor input for good measure), and you can then watch the shot played back with all that data to figure out where problems lie and how to attack them. It looks a bit like this when it’s all up and running:

Wonderful. Only problem is that ours is currently being a total pain in the rear end to set up. Three hours on Sunday trying to get it to correctly calibrate, and nothing. *sigh*
Oh well. I’ll figure it out at some point…

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