WTSC 10m Airgun Open

Not a bad match this weekend. Shot air rifle on Saturday, then helped out with setting up for the Sunday, and shot air pistol on the Sunday itself.

The air rifle detail went reasonably well in that I shot around what my average is right now – 564, with only two shots where carelessness dropped a point (two 8.0’s that really deserved to be sevens). The second string could have been moved a bit to the right and I might have picked up a few more points, but not many.

The problem is the same thing – that there wasn’t much I can do in the way of correcting major mistakes to improve. Instead, I’m going to have to seriously get back to training. The lack of a proper goal has been letting me procrastinate, I’m afraid. And I’m starting to hate the end effect. My PB is currently 569 – I want my average to be in the 80s range by the end of this calendar year. That’s going to take a major effort. πŸ™

The air pistol was again, just a fun match. 471 in total, and my average is creeping up on holding the black. I’m happy enough with that for now. At some point I’ll probably do some real training for it, but for now, I’ll settle for just having fun. Especially as that score’s about fifty points over my previous PB πŸ˜€

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