Practise day…

Back out to WTSC on Sunday to do some training. Had planned on seeing if I could replicate the lower rifle position I’d taken by accident during the last competition for a few shots at the end; wasn’t able to figure it out though. Doh. On the other hand, not a bad practise session. One accidental shot during a quick ten-shot match, which I haven’t done in quite a while. Put 20-25 shots into one card and got a nice enough group, and held the aiming mark for ten shots with my eyes closed, but I get the feeling that I’m running into a rather basic problem with my fitness level. Looking at my groups, I just don’t see any major technical problem – they’re reflecting my hold reasonably well. I want to get some RIKA time to confirm it, but I think I’m just at my limit right now. I need to address core stability to improve, and that means weight loss and an improvement in general fitness.


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