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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Slowly coming back…

Back in the range again on Sunday in WTSC. Still seeing a lot of wobble in the hold, but that was settling down by the end of the (rather short) session. Mostly shooting on b… Read the rest


The competitors in the Repubic of Ireland's first open ISSF pistol match in 32 years
Some of the competitors in the Republic’s first ever All-Ireland Open ISSF air pistol match

So Wilkinstown’s been a tad remiss in giving out prizes for va… Read the rest

Not every day's a good day…

Back on the range on Sunday in WTSC. Bleh. Didn’t even bother to score the match, it was so bad. This new mirrored rearsight is taking some getting used to, but for t… Read the rest

Ah, publication…

Printing press icon It’s nice to be published, even if only in the letters page. This doesn’t have much to do with training in general, but what the hell 🙂

It did get a bit mang… Read the rest

The return to the line

Came back to the range for the first time since Bisley last night out in WTSC. More to check if all was still working than anything else. Took a few shots to settle in, mind, … Read the rest

ISSF Class B Judges' Licence

Hooray for me! Just got word that I’ve been granted my ISSF Class B Judges’ licence from the GBTSF course I did last year. That makes me the first in Ireland t… Read the rest

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