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A trying day yesterday. Work dragged on for an hour and a half longer than usual. Was seriously pondering whether it was worth it to go training at all. But, Bisley’s only 3 weeks out now, so every hour, every shot, every moment on the range counts. Drove out to WTSC, got there for eight or so. Started shooting the exercise that Matt introduced last night with the focussing off to one side while holding.

Matt had me try to drop my head forward with my eyes closed for one part of the shot plan, but it didn’t work so well as I was afraid of hopping my shooting glasses off the rearsight. So instead, I drop my head with eyes open, then look down for a breath to settle and then look back up and carry on. This worked well, but we were still seeing fliers. I thought this was due to my sight picture, but Matt thinks that what’s causing the bad sight picture isn’t my head position being wrong, but the rifle being in the wrong place (so that when I do the head-drop part, it comes to rest in a different location). So that becomes another checkpoint in the shot plan at which we break out if it doesn’t look right.

Progress, slow but certain. Worth going for the evening, despite being late. The getting home at 0130, mind, that I could do with less of 😀

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