It's all in your head…

Training went reasonably well last night. Nearly a full firing line training in air rifle and air pistol. A new club 40-shot record set by Susan at 394 (ex 400), and the best thing about it wasn’t the score, but that she can still improve on it. (Hell, two clicks left on the sights and she’d have put in three or four more points).

The air pistol stuff is still early days yet. Tried my hand for a ten-shot string, but my group is only about the size of the aiming mark, and the sights on the pistol needed altering. I reckon that given my own IZH-46 and a few days to set it up for my hand, I could put in around a 490-500ish score at the moment. Add a bit of training and I might be able to put that up a tad.

My air rifle shooting is doing a bit better though, but the biggest problem now is fliers caused by a lack of concentration at a critical moment. That’s the mental game for you, and I’ll have to work on it because technically, Matt figures I ought to be putting in a 570-580 score at the moment. I’ll get a chance to do a competition this weekend with the UCD open, but it’s poor training for Bisley 🙁 I don’t know what we’ll do for stress testing for that match, but I’m guessing it’ll be unpleasant 😀

Anyway, the plan is a good night’s sleep on Saturday, out to DURC for 0800 to pick up some of the guys and gear and ferry it out to UCD, watch over the novices on the 1000 detail until around 1115 or so and then do my own match prep. My detail ends at 1345, I’ll help DURC & WTSC out again for the last detail and then I may be shooting in the final if all goes well.

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