How often do you train?

Asking this of all the shooters I know at the moment, just out of curiosity:

How often do you train?

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3 thoughts on “How often do you train?

  • I went with 4 days a week, but I feel I should point out that this includes no range time, and no match length efforts. Normally 20-30 mins dry firing.

  • Six days at the moment, but until I have a system where I can take some strain off my wrist I may have to reduce that or go two on, one off or something. New sling and handstop due anyway.

  • For me it’s typically 3 days a week on my main discipline, once a week typically rifle.

    That’s predominantly all at the range. It will of course vary across the year as dictated by my training plan. And that doesn’t include the 2-3 days a week physical exercise (about an hour each). And my mental training / preparation, which to be frank is way short on what it should be.

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