Friday night Rika training

So evaluation day didn’t go quite as well as hoped. Got to the range a bit late, got set up with some dry-firing and then set up for the Rika. Calibration took a while longer than I expected (and we never did get it perfectly synced to the electronic targets) and then I put 20 shots in on the Rika. The targets looked okay-ish:

Evaluation series 1

(One wierd flier, but otherwise okay)

Evaluation series 1 and 2

Again, a weird flier but otherwise okay. Looking at the Rika traces showed the fliers are coming from the triggering, so at least I know what to work on.

Unfortunately, we mucked up the setup of the Rika and lost the traces, and by this time my back was sore – that being the role of the jacket, not to help you shoot a ten but to help you shoot more than 20 of them in a row, which seems to be where my limit is at the moment. Something else to work on..

So I put another ten rounds in while still on the Rika:

Evaluation series 3

Not a horrible group, if a bit loose (which was more to do with the back I think). Here’s the Rika trace:

Note that the traces didn’t match the points of impact exactly:

Rika group picture

Minor differences between group sizes and shape – seems the Rika configuration drifts over time. Looking at the score-v-time graphs, they’re reasonable enough (reasonably level up to the release and no big spikes around release).

Rika Traces

So, new plan. Work on back muscles to push the muscle limit past 20 shots, and work on the triggering to eliminate those weird fliers. Which probably means more Rika time in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Friday night Rika training

  • Are you sure it’s triggering. Looks to me like you cannot hold the rifle still enough as your score v time shows this quite clearly. If you had a triggering error your movement and spread would increase in the last 10th of a second not improve as your graph clearly shows!!!!!!

    Your next steps from here is to work on HOLDING THE RIFLE STILL and realising the shot when the gun is at it’s stillest

    I look forward to reading more posts soon

    • The problem is that you’re not seeing the rika traces of the fliers. Those traces show the point of aim flicking out by several rings in the 0.3 – 0.2 of a second before the shot. It’s an intermittent problem, not a normal state.

      BTW, you don’t hold the rifle still. Holding it still is something I’ve been working hard on NOT doing. You let the rifle just sit there, with the natural point of aim on the ten – if you hold it in place, you’ll twitch on firing and the shot will miss, every time.

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