UCESSA 10m Air Pistol Postal 2010

I entered this year’s UCESSA air pistol postal earlier this year because I knew I probably wouldn’t get to shoot too many shoulder-to-shoulder air pistol matches for a while. The first two rounds are due in this month, so last night I shot the first round before rifle training:

UCESSA Round 1 Card 1

UCESSA Round 1 Card 2

UCESSA Round 1 Card 3

UCESSA Round 1 Card 4

UCESSA Round 1 Card 5

UCESSA Round 1 Card 6

So that’s 87 + 84 + 80 = 251/300. Not too horrible, and about where I’ve been in the past.

Of course, you have to have some way to spot cheating, so for this match, you stick stickers on the back of the cards before shooting (mind you, the glue’s not so good, so several of mine – 4/6 – were shot off and had to be stuck back on afterwards 🙁 ):

UCESSA Round 1 Card 1 (Back)

More on this match as it goes on…

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