Post-Kuortane disaster recovery

So I got back from Kuortane with a great deal of motivation and a notebook full of technical and training ideas, and a plan to dive back into the training and go for the British Nationals in Feb ’08 and on then to Munich in June ’08.

Unfortunately, work was waiting at the airport with three months of 14-hour days. As my mother would have put it, I was in for a right land. At any rate, all plans were blown out of the water. Three months later, and I finished up the product run with the job, handed in my notice and left to go home to sleep. A fortnight later, I started searching for a new job and landed one back in Trinity College Dublin. I started last monday. A meeting with one of my coaches and we’re looking at being up to the 570 mark in air rifle by November, go back to Kuortane for a training camp (either one week or two, that’s fuzzy yet), and then on to Intershoot, the European Championships, and the World Cups in Munich and Milan.

Since I’m back in the college, and already signed up as a Range Officer for DURC, I now have access to a range again, and my time is more or less mine to organise (with the obvious exception of meetings and such), which allows me great freedom in terms of how I train; and the pay’s good enough to get the kit I’m looking to get, starting with a pair of balance bags to work with. Roll on payday.

As part of this starting back into training, I’m starting back with this blog again.  More entries to come, two more in the pipeline as I speak.

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