Q&AThe site statistics show that around about 850-900 people read this site a week, and around 350 more read the rss feed; so I figured, you can’t all be target shooters 😀

So this post is to ask – do you have any questions about target shooting? Post away in the comments section – I’ll answer all I can….

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    • It varies fairly widely Coral, and has more to do with the individual shooter’s eyesight and the lighting conditions on the range on the day of the shoot than it does with any general principle. Some famously don’t even use a ring in their foresight (Debevec is famous for using a post instead). Ring thickness and ring diameter need to be chosen so that the shooter can clearly see the sight picture and it “looks right” to them – too thin a ring and it’s hard to see, too thick and it’s too dominant in the sight picture. Too large a diameter and the aiming isn’t tight, too small a diameter and it exacerbates problems with the hold.

      In general, it’ll be somewhere between 3.8 and 4.4, and more usually between 4.0 and 4.2 – but that’s a really, really rough rule of thumb.

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