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New blinders

ISSF blinder dimensionsA bit of DIY to make up some better blinders for ISSF target shooting, and the evolution .

…yup, that was a mistake. D’Oh…

Arrived at the range, stretched (need to buy a yoga mat for this, you wouldn’t believe how dusty the floor of a rifle range can get…) and warmed up, and start… Read the rest

I may have made a mistake… this.....or a major improvement. I don't know yet, and probably won't know for a week or so. That's the nature of changing your rifle setup...

Even bad days have some use I guess…

Rika X-Y analysis, 24.05.11, compositeTuesday was not a great day for my shooting.

How often do you train?

Asking this of all the shooters I know at the moment, just out of curiosity (and no, this doesn't include gymwork, just technical training (live or dry-firing)):

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Friday night Rika training

Rika trace compositeEvaluating progress using a rika for a session.


Q&AThe site statistics show that around about 850-900 people read this site a week, and around 350 more read the rss feed; so I figured, you can't all be target shooters :D

So this post is to ask - do you have any questions about target shooting? Post away in the comments section - I'll answer all I can....

Rika testing

RIKA Setup

Using a RIKA sensor to evaluate how my shooting is progressing...

Pressure drop

Ah-ha! Problem located!So it turns out that air rifles actually need air...

Lousy follow-through

String 1 Not bad scores, but the followthrough revealed problems...

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