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Fame and Glory…

Well, of a sort šŸ˜€

From Desked, a neat little diversion of a blog, two photos of a work desk

and a sports desk of mine.

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The WTSC AGM was held on Monday night out in Wilkinstown. We were afraid that the falling participation and attendance numbers we’ve seen (which we’re fa… Read the rest

Evil black gun shooting

When you’re in the Midlands, you can shoot an awful lot of stuff (really, only airgun and archery are omitted at the moment). Joe Costello (Chair of the SSAI and on… Read the rest

VCRAI Vintage Rifle Shoot

Every so often, you should try something new, even if only for the craic, so this weekend myself and Conor and Dave wandered off to the Midlands range to shoot some fullbo… Read the rest

Irish Shooting Politics…

…is messy and unpleasant at the best of times. Oddly enough, the actual sport-related stuff is fairly free of acrimony; the negotiations between Governing Bod… Read the rest

Back to smallbore…

So I gave up on finding my missing smallbore sights (I think they’ve walked at this stage šŸ™ ) and last night went down to the range, took out the 2013 and put a pair … Read the rest

To be banned?

As mentioned here before (and in several other places and discussed extensively over on, the Minister for Justice announced last November that all handgu… Read the rest

Money matters

Today saw the Irish Sports Council announce its funding for the High Performance Awards and the Carding Grants Scheme. These two grant schemes go to the governing body … Read the rest

Olympic Reports and the Irish Sports Monitor

February saw a flurry of reports into sport in Ireland, starting on Feb 9 with the Irish Sports Council review of the Beijing Games, followed on Feb 18 by the ISC-commissRead the rest

Pistol case

Finally got round to buying a proper case for the Izzy. I had been thinking about a Storm or a Peli case, but the idea of a ā‚¬150 case for a ā‚¬250 pistol was a bit, well, off-… Read the rest

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