Back to smallbore…

So I gave up on finding my missing smallbore sights (I think they’ve walked at this stage πŸ™ ) and last night went down to the range, took out the 2013 and put a pair of club sights on it and shot a few cards. First shot low and left and clean off the aiming mark (well, the sights weren’t dialed in). Second shot just clipped the 9 ring at 9 O’clock – yay, I remember how to do this after all πŸ˜€

Mind you, the cant on the rearsight was not what I was used to so I made a hash of the first card:

All high by a good three clicks. Some cursing and some adjustments later, and despite a shaky start, a reasonable card, probably a 97:

It was fun to get back to it, and I found that my silly boonie hat does work just as well as a fancy neoprene visor from AHG, but there are a few things I have to do. I need to get some half-decent ammunition (that’s sorted, thanks Geoff!), I need to get my buttplate reshaped, my shoulder doesn’t fit it right anymore, I need to get a doctor to check my wrist (I must have sprained it, I had great trouble hooshing the rifle about when in position because of the contortionism involved), and I need my own sights πŸ˜€