Pistol case

Finally got round to buying a proper case for the Izzy. I had been thinking about a Storm or a Peli case, but the idea of a €150 case for a €250 pistol was a bit, well, off-putting. Maybe if I was shooting with a fancy pre-compressed pistol (in fact, definitely if I was – €150 for a case for a €1300-€1800 pistol makes a lot of sense). In the end, I was in Maplin buying a joystick on Sunday and came across these:

About the right size, a third what I’d pay for the Peli, and it has the pick-n-pluck foam. Right, that’ll do me, so I picked one up. Turns out it’s about an inch too narrow, so the pistol has to go in at a slight angle, which makes the square grid of the pick-n-pluck foam a bit messy, but it does the job:

Fits just about everything. though a document pouch would be handy for copies of the licence and such.

The full cutting-the-foam job isn’t finished here yet, there’s still a chunk left to be cut out for the ear defenders (did that bit this lunchtime in the office) and for a tin or two of pellets in the top right corner; and there’s nowhere for a water bottle or kneeling roll (to rest the pistol on before the shot). So it’s not a 100% solution, but it beats the original cardboard box the pistol came in and which served as the case for it for two years now (along with a large Dunnes Stores cloth bag 😀 ).

Farewell faithful box, I hope you get recycled into something better 🙂