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Well, the call for EoIs for InterShoot just went out today, and I’m thinking that it’s time I put myself back into the game. Between the old 2002 breaking an… Read the rest

More retail archery…

Ordered the various bits and bobs I need to repair the fletching on the arrows, and while I was at it, got some wraps for the arrows as well from socx (nothing fancy, just or… Read the rest


Went out to WTSC to finally get to shoot the new kit on the bow this weekend, after finally getting two new 70″ (yes, I checked šŸ˜€ ) strings for the bow. Bracing Height Hooray for t… Read the rest

Gaffes and Goofs

One of the advantages WTSC has in target shooting is that between Matt and Geoff, we have a wealth of knowlege and experience in the sport available right there on the ran… Read the rest

Joining Dublin Archers

Heading out to Dublin Archers tonight to sign up. WTSC hasn’t gotten sorted with the IAAA yet (though we will), so the fastest way for me to get access to a nearbyis… Read the rest

New tab

And arriving late (but better than never…), my new tab. Hopefully the last bit of kit for a while. It’s the cheap-ass version of the Soma Saker tab:



Still, f… Read the rest

Damn you FITA!

So that’s a dozen arrows fletched with kurly vanes, and all the other stuff stuck on the riser, and everything packed into the backpack:

Riser from the front

All set. Except for one to… Read the rest

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