Well, the call for EoIs for InterShoot just went out today, and I’m thinking that it’s time I put myself back into the game. Between the old 2002 breaking and the rise of FrankenRifle, I’ve been away from proper training for too long.

So today I went and trained during lunch to see what the timings look like – takes about ten minutes to get to the range from my desk (stopping off along the way to get the keys), another five to ten to set up, then training, and then five to take down and ten to get back to my desk. So I reckon I could get a good forty minutes to an hour of training in every day at lunchtime. Add to that some training on Monday nights with the WTSC squad, and I reckon I could be back up to form in time to shoot 560+ at the WTSC Open. There are some logistical problems (the drive from the Point to Trinity to pick up the kit and then out to WTSC from Trinity should be fun during a Monday rush hour), but apart from that, no obstacles.

Whether or not I’d make the 577 cutoff by the DURC Open is a bit of an open question; but if I don’t, then the British Open will substitute for InterShoot nicely and I’ll get an MQS in there.

So, next step is to fill out the EoI form and go talk to Geoff…

More retail archery…

Ordered the various bits and bobs I need to repair the fletching on the arrows, and while I was at it, got some wraps for the arrows as well from socx (nothing fancy, just ordinary standard white, with my name and the arrow number on them). I’ve tried several silver pens now and not one of them works – leave them to dry overnight and they still wipe straight off come morning 🙁

So by the time this stuff all arrives, and the arrows are all refletched (and I have some new nocks as well, so I’ll have spares), the arrows should look like this:

Image of new arrow

So, neat at last 🙂

Mind you, this is just until we decide if we’re going to get custom-made WTSC club wraps…


Went out to WTSC to finally get to shoot the new kit on the bow this weekend, after finally getting two new 70″ (yes, I checked 😀 ) strings for the bow. Bracing Height Hooray for the right bracing height!

And Don and Geoff got us a new straw boss, so Don can’t shoot straight through it anymore 🙂
New boss

Tara Purcell and Sarah Deegan came out for the Sunday afternoon session and helped enormously by showing us how stuff is supposed to be done and giving the club the quick once-over to see if there were any major things that we’d have to fix (the left side of the 30m field may need a bit in the way of netting but apart from that we seem okay enough to start with). Sarah then spent a fair bit of time helping me get set up with the new bow, losing the brass nocking points in favour of a served nocking ping (hurrah for more arrow speed), and Tara spent some time shooting down my arrows before they arrived at the target 😀 (not kidding, we heard the arrows hit off one another before they hit the boss).
Continue reading “Owwwww….”

Gaffes and Goofs

One of the advantages WTSC has in target shooting is that between Matt and Geoff, we have a wealth of knowlege and experience in the sport available right there on the range. A sort of support network I suppose. We’re not there yet with the archery and we’re working as hard as we can on it, but the occasional gaffes and goofs are showing up. To me, as usual 😀

For example, I have a 70″ bow. So, when we took the riser and limbs and string out of the box and put it all together and strung it, we figured that’s what a 70″ bow looks like. The limbs say 70″, and the string says 70″. Just so you know I’m not kidding on that one:



Thing is, when I went down to Dublin Archers last night (who do have that support network in place), someone noticed the setup and pointed out (thankfully) that a bracing height of 11″-12″ is not normal, and that the string (despite the packaging) is actually a 68″ string. So I was busily damaging my limbs for the past few months and none of us noticed. (Do I need to mention we’re now checking all the other club bows just in case?). Continue reading “Gaffes and Goofs”

Joining Dublin Archers

Heading out to Dublin Archers tonight to sign up. WTSC hasn’t gotten sorted with the IAAA yet (though we will), so the fastest way for me to get access to a nearbyish field is to join up. For €40/year and €3/night, it’s not bad value. And it’ll mean I get exposure to other archers, which I think will help a lot with setting up WTSC; I’ll get to observe practises and training and so on first-hand and I plan to ask about the basic stuff a lot so we can figure out how we’re going to do things.

Like, for example, limbs. You start off with 15-20lb limbs, then progress upwards to whatever poundage is right for you; but in the UK there’s a system whereby you don’t buy the ten or twelve sets of limbs that you use as you progress while a beginner – you have a kind of leasing/hire type arrangement, where you pay a deposit and a small amount when you change up. That’s something we’d never have thought of in the beginning (and in fact, didn’t) – but now we know it’s something we have to cope with, we’ll be able to find a way to do so.

Must take the camera and tripod as well…

New tab

And arriving late (but better than never…), my new tab. Hopefully the last bit of kit for a while. It’s the cheap-ass version of the Soma Saker tab:



Still, for a cheap-ass version, it’s really well made, and unlike the A&F tab I’ve been using, the shelf doesn’t rock back and forth when I pull the string back…