Well, the call for EoIs for InterShoot just went out today, and I’m thinking that it’s time I put myself back into the game. Between the old 2002 breaking and the rise of FrankenRifle, I’ve been away from proper training for too long.

So today I went and trained during lunch to see what the timings look like – takes about ten minutes to get to the range from my desk (stopping off along the way to get the keys), another five to ten to set up, then training, and then five to take down and ten to get back to my desk. So I reckon I could get a good forty minutes to an hour of training in every day at lunchtime. Add to that some training on Monday nights with the WTSC squad, and I reckon I could be back up to form in time to shoot 560+ at the WTSC Open. There are some logistical problems (the drive from the Point to Trinity to pick up the kit and then out to WTSC from Trinity should be fun during a Monday rush hour), but apart from that, no obstacles.

Whether or not I’d make the 577 cutoff by the DURC Open is a bit of an open question; but if I don’t, then the British Open will substitute for InterShoot nicely and I’ll get an MQS in there.

So, next step is to fill out the EoI form and go talk to Geoff…