Joining Dublin Archers

Heading out to Dublin Archers tonight to sign up. WTSC hasn’t gotten sorted with the IAAA yet (though we will), so the fastest way for me to get access to a nearbyish field is to join up. For €40/year and €3/night, it’s not bad value. And it’ll mean I get exposure to other archers, which I think will help a lot with setting up WTSC; I’ll get to observe practises and training and so on first-hand and I plan to ask about the basic stuff a lot so we can figure out how we’re going to do things.

Like, for example, limbs. You start off with 15-20lb limbs, then progress upwards to whatever poundage is right for you; but in the UK there’s a system whereby you don’t buy the ten or twelve sets of limbs that you use as you progress while a beginner – you have a kind of leasing/hire type arrangement, where you pay a deposit and a small amount when you change up. That’s something we’d never have thought of in the beginning (and in fact, didn’t) – but now we know it’s something we have to cope with, we’ll be able to find a way to do so.

Must take the camera and tripod as well…

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