Went to our AGM tonight. A quieter affair than last year, I think everyone’s still a bit shattered after Bisley, even now. We have a full committee again however, and a lot of good people on it, and the club has new directions to grow in, with archery and smallbore and pistol being taken up. It’ll take a year or three to get to the level we’re at with air rifle, but I think we’re going to shake some people up in the process. In the meantime, we’re not going to let air rifle slide – there’s too much promise in our shooters for that. We do have to address the topping-out problem, but we have some ideas for that.
And of course, I forgot to duck again. One of these days I’ll learn that trick. Meanwhile, I’ve been appointed as the vice-chairperson for WTSC. Which basicly means a lot of dogsbody work, but frankly, given the sheer power of the dream of those running the club, it’s something I take on gladly – even as I grumble about long hours and longer drives 🙂

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