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Monthly Archives: November 2005

DURC Squad kicks off

So last night saw the first night’s training for the DURC squad. Not a bad attendance, with twelve shooters down for training all told, and another six sending ap… Read the rest

DURC Air Rifle Open

Mark Dennehy Scoresheet

Rather says it all, really.


Okay, so not really. Thing is, the position did feel better, once I’d gotten used to it – but there’s a lot of vertic… Read the rest

All change…

Drove out to WTSC on thursday, and after some delays, got down to shooting. Matt took a closer look at that horizontal pulse and eventually, after trying a few different … Read the rest

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

When your training starts putting lines from The Second Coming in your head, you generally know you’re in trouble. It seems appropriate though. This new stance … Read the rest

Training in WTSC

Training last night in WTSC. Same problem with assuming the correct stance for the new setup. I’m going to need to work on this a fair bit on Sunday. That shot plan *… Read the rest

UCD Open 1

Pretty crummy match from my score’s point of view šŸ™


Not so hot from the rest of the technical point of view either. I didn’t have my shot plan down and prac… Read the rest

It's all in your head…

Training went reasonably well last night. Nearly a full firing line training in air rifle and air pistol. A new club 40-shot record set by Susan at 394 (ex 400), and the be… Read the rest

RO, RO, RO your DURC….

Range Officer duty again last night in DURC. Quiet night, though I’ve heard that there’s a lot of the students who don’t know we’re operatin… Read the rest

The big rebuild : Simplify, simplify, simplify…

Training night in Wilkinstown last night. Traffic was brutal, so I didn’t get there till 1930, by which time Liam and Marc had been training for a while:
Marc training

Got into t… Read the rest

Informal match at Wilkinstown

So made it out to Wilkinstown on Sunday to shoot. Felt a bit better than I thought I would. Shot on the first available detail, and was okay for about the first 30 shots, but … Read the rest

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