The big rebuild : Simplify, simplify, simplify…

Training night in Wilkinstown last night. Traffic was brutal, so I didn’t get there till 1930, by which time Liam and Marc had been training for a while:
Marc training

Got into the gear, less the jacket, and left the rearsight off the rifle and started shooting. Matt thought I was bringing the rifle too far over to the left, leaving it trying to bend around my ribcage, and changed the stance, bringing the rifle over to the right. After two hours of shooting, I was sortof used to it and shot a 97/98 card (10 shots, one card, can’t be sure if one of those shots was a 10 or a 9). So a success, overall.

Like I said, the support hand position is a bit funny:

Hand Position (1 of 4)

There are three reference Contact points I’m using, marked above. (These are so I can tell when the support hand is correctly placed). Point 1 is the back of the support hand’s index finger – the fingernail is resting against a bend in the metal of the rifle’s foreend:

Hand Position (3 of 4)

Point 2 is the pad of the middle finger touching off the end of the laminate foreend section on the far side of the rifle:

Hand Position (2 of 4)

And Point 3 is marked by a line drawn on the masking tape on the stock and is where the end of the top grip pad on the palm of the shooting glove comes to rest against the stock:

Hand Position (4 of 4)

Not quite textbook, but it works, thanks to the raiser blocks, and the results are pretty decent. Nice solid hold, good feel. Brought down the foresight element size in fact, given the new level of the hold, from a 4.5mm to a 4.0mm ring.

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