DURC Air Rifle Open

Mark Dennehy Scoresheet

Rather says it all, really.


Okay, so not really. Thing is, the position did feel better, once I’d gotten used to it – but there’s a lot of vertical movement in there. I’m guessing that’s got a lot to do with hand position, but I’m not sure. It’s on to the horizontal lines come Thursday anyway. Matt says that it didn’t look too bad, but that we’ve work still to do and I agree.

One thing is definitely for sure though, and that’s that Susan’s still on form:

Susan Cunningham

For those keeping track, that’d put Susan between 19th and 28th place in the last European Championships Junior Women match, and her PB of 395 would have put her in joint first place. It meant she left everyone else in the dust in the 40-shot match as well, her nearest rivals being Declan Kelly and Liam Spillane, tied on 383 each (Declan being ahead on countback).

Ah, there’s nothing like having a bit of serious competition to live up to!

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