New Firearms SI

So we’ve only just heard and the details are still sketchy, but it appears that a new Statutory Instrument was released this morning (it’s not hit the website yet) and some changes to firearms licencing in Ireland are incoming. So far as we know so far, these include:

A new civilian body created to review firearms licence applications refusals, in a pre-district-court role

A redefinition of restricted short firearm to explicitly cover any .22lr semi-auto handgun with a 5-round magazine, clarifying the law around things like GSG 1911 .22lr pistols

A ban on new licences for center-fire semi-auto rifles

A list of licencable firearms to be drawn up by a civilian body

The introduction of centralised licencing

More details to follow as they come in (and this post will probably be edited within an inch of its life over the next few days).

Follow along on the thread here.

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