So just how complicated is Irish Firearms law? Let me draw you a diagram…

Firearms Law In Ireland
Firearms Law In Ireland

(You’re probably going to have to click on that to read it, but it’s a large image; here’s the pdf if you want it)

Everything in black is an Irish Act (primary legislation). Red is an EU directive. Blue is an Irish Statutory Instrument (secondary legislation). Anything in italics has been repealed and is just there for historical accuracy (there’s only three).

I’ve tried to keep the Acts as close to an accurate place on the time index as I can, but with the SIs I just tried to keep them readably closely associated to their respective acts.

I’ve omitted minor Acts (like the various finance acts bar the most recent one pertaining to us) which make only minor rules that wouldn’t affect most of us day to day.

Everything in the green box must be read together to form the Firearms Act, as amended.


And ye wonder why the legislation side of things has eaten so many manhours in the last decade?

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