Intershoot 2012 Notes for next time

A collection of notes for the next time, taken as I went through the week. If someone else is going next year, this might be useful.

  • Never. Ever. Fly KLM.
  • Pay the rifle baggage charges for both legs of the trip in Dublin, get and check the receipt there.  If KLM try to charge you for excess baggage, the receipt is your defence.
  • A netbook is an excellent idea
  • Wifi in the campsite is dire at best, and costs about €20 for the full week.
  • Bring a kitchen knife and a potholder. The chalet’s self-catering, but you don’t get a decent knife.
  • Camera’s useful.
  • A small pair of binoculars or a monocular would be useful.
  • Coldgear underarmour kit is needed if the temperature is below zero!
  • Sunglasses were vital after the snow fell.
  • Bring some dishwasher tablets (5-10).
  • A water bottle (the ones with the carbon filters, Bobbles) are a good idea.
  • The small messenger bag worked very well indeed.
  • Bring food for the first night and first breakfast; you won’t get to the shops until after that.
  • Earbud headphones would be useful off the range, but the over-ear headphones are better on-range.
  • Ensure everyone on the team has each others phone numbers *before* meeting at the airport.
  • Have cables to transfer files between all cameras and computers.
  • Do remember deodorant – the washbags sold after security sometimes don’t!
  • Slippers are not silly at all.
  • Remember swimming trunks for sauna use.
  • Transcribes startlist details (esp. firing point number) to shooting diary the night before the match.
  • Small, loud noisemakers for cheering tens during a final are a team requirement!
  • Need local area maps, offline language dictionary, restaurant locations, bus routes, etc.
  • Bring spare boot laces. Not just for shooting boots, for walking boots too.
  • Bring a spare pair of T-shirt, socks, shorts, over the amount thought to be needed.
  • Bring respectable-looking clothes for the team dinner at the end of the competition.
  • Bring yak-trax (not the spikes) if the temperature is going below zero to avoid ice/snow accidents.
  • Cut your damn hair before the trip you hippie!

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