Eye test time!

I’ve not had an eye test in quite a while – nearly a decade in fact. So on Saturday I went along to Specsavers in Santry to get an eyetest to check how the (slight) prescription on my right eye is doing (nothing like having a target shooter for an optician when it’s time to check your eyes 😀 ). Happily, the results are good – both eyes are healthy, the left eye is still perfect, and the right eye still only has a very small prescription (-0.75) for astigmatism (and apparently I have 6/5 vision* without correction, so yay me and all that).


Retinal images
Nice, healthy retinas!


The interesting bit is that with the pinhole effect from the rearsight, my optician thinks that I may not need the shooting lens. So the next fortnight is going to see some experimentation to see whether I can get by without them. There would be some serious advantages – not having to carry extra kit, not hitting the frames off the rearsight, and so on. The only downsides I can think of (beyond having to get used to another change) is the blinders – having a set frame to attach the blinders to which you can just take off and put on quickly is fairly handy (as I’m finding out shooting pistol) but then again, even just taking off the glass from the frames could be an improvement…

(Incidentally, in case you haven’t had your eyes tested in the last two years and you’re a shooter, you should be getting them tested. I’d recommend specsavers in Santry and to explicitly say that you’re looking for a target shooting lens – they’ll know who to point you to).

* For the US readers, 20/20 vision is 6/6 in metric (20 feet ≈ 6 metres). For anyone else wondering, 6/5 is better than 6/6 (the equivalent in the US would be 20/15 vision). Apparently my eyeballs are in the top 5% of the population. Cool.

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