Slow improvement

Two 30-shot matches shot since the last post, with a few good patches the second time where things went right because of me, rather than while I was there to watch, if you follow me. The score was higher too – 254/300 the second time vs 249/300 the time before, but there’s more information in the groups than in the score.┬áComparing the composite of the six cards shot the last time:

9.9.10 composite target

with the composite of the six shot this time:

14.09.10 composite target

It looks like the grouping is starting to tighten a little across the horizontal axis, but hasn’t yet started to do so in the vertical axis. Oh well. Good enough to be getting on with and entering the UCESSA air pistol postal this winter…

Raw cards after the break

From the first evening (9.9.10) :

9.9.10 Card 1

9.9.10 Card 2

9.9.10 Card 3

9.9.10 Card 4

9.9.10 Card 5

9.9.10 Card 6

And from the second evening (14.9.10) :

14.9.10 Card 1

14.9.10 Card 2

14.9.10 Card 3

14.9.10 Card 4

14.9.10 Card 5

14.9.10 Card 6

For what the vertical hold should look like, here’s a benchrested card shot on the 9.9.10 session:

Vertical hold test card 9.9.10

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